Long hairstyles for women have different styling options that you can choose from. You can brush your hair from your face with a bun-style or a braided hairstyle. Braids are perfect for the spring because it will look bohemian and chic. Ponytail with braid is also a perfect choice for hot summer days.

Straight Pony – Long Hairstyles For Women

Long hairstyles for women are elegant and beautiful. Long hair looks great with a straight pony. You can wear your straight bangs rigorously. You can also have the bangs matched to the hair and slightly skew the sides.

Slight Steps In Long Hairstyles For Women 

Long hairstyles for women have wavy options too. If you do not want to cut your hair in stages, you can get a cut like this. Easy steps that thin out the hair to the tips. This will make your hair automatically wavy.

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Steps On Straight Hair – Long Hairstyles For Women 

Long hairstyles for women can appear voluminous with this style. Her long mane gets a lot of movement and volume with this cut. You will not complain about flat hair anymore.

Long Hairstyles For Women – Balayage And Ombré Hair

Long hairstyles for women make with the bright lengths and peaks a great contrast. If you feel like something out of the ordinary, try ombré in pastel. That immediately wakes spring fever, promise! Balayage gets a colorful update and becomes great. Pastel -colored highlights are used instead of natural nuances.

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