Popular long hairstyles for women have this year the topic of naturalness, which is clearly in focus. Too many styling products and beauty tools are therefore omitted. The no make-up trend has arrived, the trend focuses on long hair. For the hair styling, a little spray is enough and the hands are the number one beauty tool. Looks just like on vacation and it makes the morning styling routine a lot easier.

Fancy Ponytail Which Is A Popular Long Hairstyle

Popular long hairstyles, like this ponytail is and will remain a trend hairstyle in 2019.The hairstyle classic will be styled into a trendy look, especially in combination with a pony. Unusual braided hairstyles and updos bring variety to the hair. And also hair bunches, either deep in the neck or styled on the top  will be trendy. Just like fancy hair accessories:  braces now adorn the heads and give the ponytail more glamor.

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Black Ombre Popular Long Hairstyles

Popular long hairstyles look classic with this black color ombre style. The long curly black hair with some pale accents makes every woman sophisticated. The pale highlighted lines significantly maximize black hair’s appeal. So you can design them according to your personal preferences. With these simple hairstyle you can be more attractive and challenging this year’s trends.

High Braid On Top To Get A Popular Long Hairstyle

Popular long hairstyles are perfect with high braids on top. For long hair that bugs your face, the high braid is perfect. At the highest point of the back of the head, the style gets a slight 80’s vibe. The look gets even cooler with a scrunch.

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